Adventures from OK Sweet

Tales of Parenting & Teaching Sexual Wellness


Keeping Innocence by Denying Ignorance

 It's been an eye-opening week to say the very least.   My first live, parent-session meant more challenges than I anticipated.   My mission with this business has been to make a better world for my children and my patients through education.  I am tired of hearing...

Advocating for Sexual Health Education

Last year I advocated to my local school board to increase funding for sexual health education. However, I was also in the midst of finishing my sexual health educator course so my ability to advocate fully was challenged. I wrote the following letter to the school...

Books in School & Home

Recently I was lucky enough to teach the teachers at my children's elementary school. It was a really eye opening experience as I initially visited the library to review what books were available for the students to access when exploring sexual health content (such as...

Body Parts

Funny story about my son who was washing himself in the shower. Now let's be clear, he has been raised to know the names of his body parts and we've tried not to instill shame about his body. So while he's washing in the shower, I ask him specifically to wash his anus...

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What People are Saying

I LOVED my lesson. Learned something new despite the education I got in school.-Gr. 9 Student 

You have a great presentation and so knowledgeable!-Parent 

Outstanding in all areas. She put the students at ease and gave very informative presentations-Classroom teacher